My story

I've loved technology from a young age and always knew I would find my way professionally in the field. In 1997 I began my formal programming education and personal web site development. Starting in 2001 I began developing web sites professionally and on a contracting basis while attending UC Berkeley. Through the years I've taken initiative and inevitably the role of a project manager & entrepreneur. I've taken it a step further by formally incorporating and offering the services of those I work with.

Core Technologies

  • PHP, MySQL, CakePHP, WordPress
  • JavaScript/AJAX, jQuery
  • Apache, Linux, SVN/GIT

Also see my technologies page for explanations and an expanded list of the many others I'm familiar with.

My People

My years of programming enables me to choose the best developers and provide them the tools to thrive. Consulting has given me communication skills to understand what you want as my client, and what your project needs from me as technical lead. Combining these elements we can quickly implement small projects, and efficiently tackle the larger and more complex.